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Two Lions

Some time ago I saw a vision of 2 large covered cages with a linking passage between the 2 cages.

In each cage was a Lion.

I could not see them but I could hear them.

They sounded very vicious!


Then I heard God say to me, “Alan open the cage on the left.”


But I said, “But Lord there is a Lion in there and it sounds very vicious.”

“Don’t you trust me Alan, God replied?

“Yes but, Lions are known to eat humans.”

The argument continued for some time with my replies becoming weaker and weaker.


Suddenly there was a great commotion. The Lion from the cage on the right had passed into the cage on the left and the two Lions were fighting.

I could hear them fighting with much snarling and roaring.

After some time all was quiet and I could hear the Lion from the right return to its cage.

I could hear victory in the way it roared.

All was quiet in the cage on the left.


The God said, “All is quiet now, so please go and open the cage.”

Again my arguments continued, “That Lion might still be alive and still attack me.”

This sounded like a rather wear excuse, even to me!

So I gingerly climbed up to the top of the cage and open a door there.

I looked in and gasped!


What did I see? What had I done?


I should have let that Lion out.

Now it was dead.


But it was not a Lion that I saw in that cage!


Can you guess what I saw?

I could see it was dead; it was not a Lion but a Lamb!


The marks it had looked familiar.


There were marks on its front and back feet as if nails had been driven through them.

There were marks around its head as if thorns had been pushed onto it.

On its back were stripes of blood as if a whip had been applied.


No scratch or bite marks that a Lion would have give.


Because I had not been obedient the Lamb was slain!


It was a picture of Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and what He has done for me.

Slain for my sin.


I climbed down deeply disappointed.

I had let my fear control my life.


As I was berating myself for not obeying God, I heard a quiet assuring sound, the bleat of a Lamb.


Jesus was Alive!


He had died because of my sin, but now He was Alive again.


As I felt the thrill of this pass through by body, God spoke again. “Now Alan, open the other cage.”

Now remember the other Lion was still roaring in its victory. It had not realised that it had not really won the battle!


So, I replied to God, “The first cage represented Jesus so the other cage must represent satan. He will definitely be after me.

Again God said, “Don’t you trust me Alan?”

That made me think, God had now said that three times!

Last time there had be consequences that had been my fault.

What would happen if I delayed this time?

Could I trust God?

I decided I could, so I climbed up onto the cage on the right and open the door on the top.

I looked in! You will not believe what I saw!

Again it was not a Lion but a snake looking up roaring like a Lion!


I looked carefully and saw wound on its head as if it had been trampled.


It was still alive and it escaped out of the cage.

Suddenly the fear had gone and I was chasing that deceptor and in Jesus’ Name I cast it out.


Fear was broken, sin was forgiven and a Victory won.

All because I had at last been obedient!


The strength I had received from wounded Lamb had enabled me to prevail.


The question is now for my readers, what is God talking to you about?


Remember Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is also that sacrificed Lamb.

He died and has risen again victorious over all sin and death.


Remember also satan roams around roaring like a Lion but he is only out to deceive us.


Please do not be like I was, disobedient to God’s call on my life!