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We hear our Saviour Calling 


We hear our Saviour calling from the Father’s throne. 

His voice of love is sharing all that He has done.
“My son and my daughter come and listen to my heart. 

My life I give to you, My spirit to impart.” 


From Your loving heart creation was to dawn
Your plan for each of us, a vision soon was born
We’re please just to come, with an open mind
We’ll find that Your presence is Holy and most Kind.


The thrill of Your Voice comes clear through skies

It stirs up our hearts and makes our spirits rise

It opens up the wells of Your Presence deep within

And takes us on a journey of victories to win.


The scope of Your Call seems far beyond our thoughts

And soon our fears grow and turn our hearts in knots

But the sweetness of Your Voice gives the power to succeed

And then You provide all the things that we need.


We respond in Love to the vision for our lives

The Spirit stirs us up and our will soon revives

We move on to victory, Your Mission soon is clear

To show to the world, Your Love for them is near.


© Alan Watkinson 1stNov 2017  "I hear my Saviour calling"

Revised 14thMarch, 2018