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I AM the Lord of all


As in the time of Moses, I’ve heard my people’s cry.

The cry of generations who saw their wishes die.

The faithful remnant has been true to My loving Word

Your Island’s time is due, revival will be heard


My Land will come again into my Loving Hand.

The faithful ones are moving as a warrior band.

Moving by My Spirit as fire that’s not consumed

Again My Truth is moving the thrust is now resumed.


The remnant’s still alive as wrongs fade out of sight

My Spirit of love it spreads from town to town with might

My Power is being released, My Love is being revealed

My Angels are blessing and many sick are healed.


My move will last forever till your Saviour comes

My Joy will fill this land and laughter is on your tongues

My Mighty Wind and Holy Fire are moving overall

Miracles will show the world I AM the Lord of all.


© Alan Watkinson 20th September 2017