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“Please just save My child”


I heard the voice of our Father say, “Please just save My child”

He spoke this way because, He has great plans all filed.

His plans are good and pleasant, for the child is in His Heart 

This child He knows and loves from the very start.


From when the cells first joined and life on earth began.

The journey through life has started and has an eternal plan.

We have freewill to set our own, so choices can be made

The lives of one or two? It is not a healthy trade.


But some will just ignore His Will and say He does not matter.

“It is my body and mine alone”. And forget the son or daughter! 

Evil intent may have its way, but life it does not stop.

The child will live forever; just earth to Heaven will swap.


I hear the voice of our Father say, “My Son has paid the price.

Though life on earth may finish and suffering not very nice.

The child will be with Me, I’ll lift it up, all Heaven will see.

For now the Child is Mine, the Child belongs to Me.”


© Alan Watkinson, 31stMay, 2018