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“Don’t limit Me”.


Deep in our heart these words we hear,

But let then slide because of fear.

“Don’t limit Me”, our Father says

Yet the sparks are there to set ablaze.


“Don’t limit Me”, we know it’s true

But we’re not sure just what to do.

We dream about what it could be 

But what to do? now that’s the key!


It only needs, some faith to take

Then all a sudden a great outbreak

Right into the Will our Father planned

Far greater then our thoughts could stand.


So put away all thoughts of failure

And look instead to our Loving Saviour

To lead us on with power and might

Then the limitless plan comes into sight.


“Don’t limit Me”, “Don’t limit Me”,

Just make the move, “Don’t limit Me”,

“Don’t limit Me”, “Don’t limit Me”,

Far greater things you then will see.


© Alan Watkinson, 22nd  April, 2018.


These thoughts came after hearing a message on “Daystar” 

by Andrew Wommack on “Don’t Limit God”.