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Animals Song for Christmas


Was in the middle of the night

And all us animals were all asleep

Then we got a nasty fright

Us cows and calves and all the sheep


There was a sudden loud commotion

A poor old donkey staggered right in

It showed to us his pure devotion

And all us animals were in a spin


On his back was a pregnant lady

We knew she was special we animals did

This was not a time to be shady

We knew, nothing from us could be hid.


We moved aside to make her room

Our hay was used to make a cradle

Then suddenly from out of her womb

Came the baby in this smelly stable.


On the hills, the sheep in joyful motion

Heard the Angels sing and say

(This moved the sheep in pure devotion)

That Peace on earth has arrived this day.


© Alan Watkinson 2nd November 2017