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The Father’s Love


“I love you, I love you, I love you,” 

I hear The Father say.

“I love you through the sadness

My Love won’t go away.”


“I love you, I love you, I love you,”

These words they come again.

“Thet’re like the cool refreshing

Which comes with the gentle rain.”


“My love for you is eternal.”

“I loved you before you were born.”

“I love you in the darkest night

And at the break of dawn.”


I loved you in the happy times 

I love you as you fear

I am always with you

My presence for ever near.”


“You may not always feel it

But My love is always there

In your friends that listen

And those who really care.”


“My love is not amongst 

The harshness of some words,

But comes amongst the beauty

Of frisky lambs and singing birds.”


“I love you as you listen

To these words just now

My Spirit is stirring deep inside,

And moves as you allow.”


© Alan Watkinson 17thJune, 2018