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There is a cry arising


There is a cry arising, rising from the Land

It is a cry of freedom, free to make a stand

Against the ways of evil, the mocking of God’s Word

Coming through the land, crying to be heard.


For Love will be victorious in this precious Land

The Spirit, He is moving, as was forever planned.

It is the cry for Jesus, Jesus as The Lord

The Saviour of the world, He’s the One to be adored.


He is marching quickly on, to claim His Victory.

It is the Plan as shown, way back in history.

Love that spread so quickly, returning now, will last.

Coming from the Father’s heart and healing all the past.


Listen to the cry all along the street

Spreading fast to all, we stop to talk and greet.

The poor and the hungry they are crying out His Name

For they are a reason that to the earth He came.


For freedom, and for justice is the cry we hear

All will come through Jesus as we hold Him dear

Moving now in power from the smallest places

From the poor and lowly, and with love on their faces.


There is a cry of Warning, to take God at His Word

But your eyes they do not see and your ears they have not heard.

Now’s the time to humble and have a contrite heart

Confession and forgiveness must take a vital part.


The Saviour of the World will reign throughout this land

Restoring Peace and Joy, and by God’s Spirit fanned. 

Confession and forgiveness, will come and take their stand

Guided all along by our Father’s Loving Hand.


© Alan Watkinson, 20thJune, 2018