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He is Risen, He is Risen


He is Risen, He is Risen, Risen from the dead

The sadness it has gone, new hope has come instead

Death, it has passed, it couldn’t hold Him down

He is alive in Heaven wearing now the Victor’s crown.


From the sadness on the hill when all it seamed was lost

When on the Cross He hung, He paid the highest cost.

He gave His life that day, Oh the agony He bore

The nails made their holes into the flesh they tore.


But then He cried out loud, “It is finished” was His cry

All evil was defeated, Christ had the last reply

The veil it now is torn and we can enter in.

Right into Heaven’s glory free from all our sin.


He is Risen, He is Risen, Risen from the dead

Bring us the Victory, new life we have instead.

The Spirit has arrived to fill us with His Glory

To fill us with His Presence, we have a great new story 


© Alan Watkinson 29thMarch 2018

revised 31stMarch