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Accelerated healings 


Accelerated healings are coming to the fore

Because God loves us and our desire for more

The Holy Spirit gives a Word that springs up into life

Breaking down the walls of doubts, all pain and every strife.


Accelerated healings that smash all barriers down

Leading us to receive and take the Victors Crown.

Bringing to the “Now” the health created in the “Past”

Bringing forth the miracles and signs that will most truly last.


Accelerated healings must be taken in “the Now”

Making changes to our lives and never question how?

Bringing all of “Yesterday” into our lives “Today”

Receiving from The Healer, take it fast and don’t delay.


Accelerated healings bring Glory to our Lord

For Jesus is the Only One to be Worshipped and Adored

Moving fast to Him, as quickly as we can, 

With expectation in our hearts to receive the healing plan.


© Alan Watkinson 23rdJune, 2018