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Who is your Spiritual Father?

Many people who have been adopted will seek their birth Mother and Father.

Unfortunately it often takes them through a sad journey, they may find their birth mother but finding their birth father may be difficult.


But who is your Spiritual Father?


Some will look to a holy person or close friend and say, “that person is my spiritual father” meaning that person had had a great influence in their lives.


Some spiritual leaders, when talking to Jesus, said their father was Abraham, then later added that God was their Father. But Jesus knew their hearts and said, “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires.”


There are many spiritual influences that can work in our lives and we all need to make a choice as to which we allow to grow within us and be a father to us.


When the babies talked about how they knew they would go to Heaven,  (Three_Stages_of_Life), the older said, “It will be similar to how we arrived here out of the womb.  Remember we arrived in the womb when our father’s seed joined our mother’s egg. This gave us our Physical Life. Now each of us have allowed the “egg/seed” of God’s Word settle into our lives, from there we heard the truth about Jesus and then the Holy Spirit that came from our Heavenly Father joined the Word and gave us a new spiritual life.”


We all have a choice as to who will be our Spiritual Father and depending on our choice, where we will go after our earthly life has finished.


There is a place prepared for us after we die and where we go all depends on who our Spiritual Father is!


Now, who is your Spiritual Father? The choice is yours.