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Three Stages of Life Story

This is not a true story, it but does portray some exciting truths.

Once there were twin babies in their mother’s womb.

They could communicate with each other, but I am not sure how.

They told each other how comfortable they were in their mothers womb, how they knew there was someone “Outside” who loved them called Mother or Father. They could hear and feel their love.

They told each other that if they did not hear any love they would give a kick and then, the love arrived.

Then one day, the one baby said, “Wow, did you feel that Love, I wonder where that came from?”

“Yes,” the other replied, “That Love is rather over whelming, maybe we find out later where that Love comes from.”

Suddenly they realised they were going to leave this place of safety and comfort and actually see their Mother and Father. They looked forward to this but they were not sure about it for here they had everything done for them. They had a food pipeline; they were free to move about and they realised they were getting new and exciting parts every day.

All they needed was provided but they asked each other what their new parts were for. One asked, “I wonder what these flappy things on our sides are for?” The other said, ”I wonder what the kicky things down low are for?”

They decided they would, use them when outside and, learn what they were for. They also talked about the way they were thinking; they were able to use their growing minds. What great potential they had now that would be able to be utilised when they finally got outside.

They also talked about the joy it would be to actually see the very people who in Love brought them into existence.

They understood they were going to have some pain as they passed to the “Outside”, and would need to travel through a tunnel into the unknown.

They sensed their Mother and Father who loved them would welcome them and provide help, but that a time would come when they would have to find their own food and look after themselves.

They were in a time of expectant joy, but also a fear, as they did not know what to expect.

So these two babies made a pact between each other. The first one out had to communicate with the other and tell what it was like.

Then that time came.  The first baby out went through pain, down a tunnel and cried.

The other baby became scared, hearing a nasty sound; a cry, and it was frightening. The remaining baby had never heard such a terrible noise.

Then it heard a comforting sound, a strange sucking that seemed to give the “outside” baby much comfort. The first was feasting with their mother which brought a great joy and satisfaction but there was no communication and the cry remained in the remaining baby’s thoughts - but then the joy was also there. Was the short-term pain worth it to get the long-term joy?

A short time later it was the remaining baby’s turn. This baby also went through pain, down a tunnel and into a very bright light. It did not cry but then some monster gave it a smack and with the cry came, a terrible feeling with noise and all the other monsters thought this was great.

Finally the baby heard the voice of Love from its Mother, which it had heard when it was “Inside”.  Then someone pushed the baby up to a soft area and it knew it had to suck as it had heard the first baby do. This was food - new and exciting food. All was now well. It was united with its baby friend and with their Mother and Father.

A short time later the two babies were in the same room.

“Wow”, the second baby said, “Is all this for us?” “Look at all the things to play with.”nursary

“Yes”, the first baby said, “All this was prepared for us, our parents must love us very much”.

“If I had known this was here I would have come earlier” the second baby exclaimed.

“That would not have worked,“ said the first baby, “we had to wait our full term”.

The first baby went on to say, ”What I really crave is more of our Mother’s milk, I never seem to get enough of it.”

“That’s right, the milk from the one who gave us life is just what we need.”

As the twins grew they found their parents gave them more and more gifts and soon learned to eat various forms of food, fruit, vegetables and meat.

One day they were together and they spoke to each other about the flappy things on their sides.  The second baby said, “That monster used his to hit me. I don’t want to use mine for that!”twins standing

“Oh, that was not nice, but remember, our mother uses hers to give us cuddles and that is nice.”

So the babies decided they would use theirs for good things.

They then discussed what the kicky things down low were for. They had watched the large people move around on them and they thought that would be fun.

Then they grew more independent and learned to do more and more for themselves.

After crawling around they finally both took the plunge, and at about one year of age, they reached out to their loving mother and took their first wobbly steps.

Later they went on to use their hands for very fiddly things, one learnt to paint with great artistic flair and the other to play the piano.

They also gained skill with their legs, being able to run, jump and skip.

They found their minds became more active and creative and they progressed into stimulating careers.

So the potential they had while they were in the womb became fully utilised.


Years went by. Both babies grew and grew and when they got to their teens each baby told the other of a new friend they had met. His Name was Jesus.

They both heard and felt His love as they had heard from their mother. However, this love was stronger and they did not have to kick as the love was there all the time. Then they both remembered and said in unison, “That was the great Love we felt in our mother’s womb. God has loved us all the time, even from our mother’s womb.”

Another aspect of their lives then developed. Their spirit became alive as Jesus filled their lives. They learned to develop their spirit lives by reading the Bible and praying. But as there was so much sin around, they found that this spirit growth was not fully developed.

As they got into their sixties they realised they had another journey to make.

But where would they travel to this time?

They met together and they discussed their final destination.

The younger baby asked, “How do we know we will end up in Heaven?”

The older said, “It will be similar to how we arrived here out of the womb. Remember we arrived in the womb when our father’s seed joined our mother’s egg. This gave us our Physical Life.

Now each of us allowed the “egg/seed” of God’s Word settle into our lives, from there we heard the truth about Jesus and then the Life of the Holy Spirit that came from our Heavenly Father joined with the Word and gave us a New Spiritual Life.

Remember we also craved the Milk of God’s Word just as we craved our mother’s milk when were first born. This set us on to our Spiritual Life that made us ready for our next journey.”

“So”, the younger said, “we end up wherever our Father is?”

“Yes,” the other replied.

“But how about those who have not gone through that experience?”

“They go to wherever their spiritual father comes from. Everyone must make his or her own choice. The next journey is a spiritual one and if anyone rejects the Heavenly Father they are automatically in filled with another spiritual entity and will travel to the place of their spiritual father.”

With that thought they were saddened for their many acquaintances who had not accepted the same Spiritual Family as they had, but they were very encouraged for them selves as they knew that once again there would be pain at the start and they would go through a tunnel and be met by a bright light.

They also knew their new friend Jesus and all their family and friends, who had the same Spiritual Father would be there to meet them. They were going on to a bright and exciting future.

Now they thought together, may be we will be able to be really fully develop spiritually. They might lose the use of their bodies, but their spirits would be able to become fully utilised as the restraints of sin were removed.

Like the first time, they would be going into the unknown; there would be pain to start but then an everlasting joy. They also knew that the twin who went first this time would be in safe loving hands and the one left behind would also have the love and support of the ever-present Holy Spirit.

Also as with the first time, there was a great place; a mansion, prepared for them!

Soon, yes very soon they would be in Heaven; there would be no pain or suffering, but especially no more crying and they were going to see their King!

They were not afraid this time, as they had been though it all before and they looked forward to being finally fully developed.

This time it was the younger one who went first and was welcomed into Heaven.