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Revisiting Three Stages of Life – 2013

As it is now three years since my late wife,

Lynette, passed away,

I want to take this opportunity to go over the story we talked about.

The story is called the “Three Stages of Life” .

During the last three years many people all around the world have logged in and read this story.

Neither Lynette nor I would have expected this!


This article is to recap the original story and subsequent additions.

The story started while Lynette was very ill with Leukemia

and a visit by the Padre from the local Hospice.

To encourage us he mentioned the similarities between a

baby about to pass from the mother’s womb

to a person about to pass from life to so-called death.


From this discussion Lynette and I talked about

what the baby would be experiencing and

what it would be thinking about as its time of birth neared.

We thought about listening in to two babies discussing this experience.

I thought of two babies in the wombs of two mothers,

but Lynette thought twins would be better.


So the story starts with twins talking to each other.

While in their mother’s womb they were aware of

a great amount of love from the “outside”

and also that there was a place being prepared for them.


They were also aware that there were parts of their bodies that had no relevance in the womb but were probably being developed

for the next stage of their lives.


We call the life within the womb stage one and the next stage two.

As Christians we know there is a Third Stage called Heaven

where life goes on eternally.


Part way through their second stage we hear the “babies”,

now adults, talking again about this Third Stage.

They realize that to be born into their original family and having a special love and place prepared for them

they needed to a part of that particular family.


They talked about the similarities in going on into the Third Stage,

the need to be born spiritually into a special family

that has a great love for them and has a place prepared for them.

Not being born into that special family meant

going to somewhere else that they did not want to talk about.


But it is important.

While here on earth in this the Second Stage we have the unique opportunity to decide where we will spend the eternal Third Stage.

We have the choice of accepting the love offer of the Heavenly Father who sent His Son Jesus who made it possible,

for those who accept, to be born into this special family.

It is only to those who accept this offer that are promised the place prepared for them in Stage Three.


As it requires one to have the correct parents to be born into a natural family and have that special home prepared,

so it is required for one to be Born Again

into the correct Spiritual Family

to go on to the Special place prepared in Heaven,

the Third Stage.

We all have the choice;

we must take or reject the Heavenly Father’s offer.


The articles that follow the original Story tell of the preparation babies make in the womb before their original birth.

Then the growth one makes from babies to youths and onto adults.

Body parts useless in the womb suddenly have a use.

Likewise there are spiritual giftings and spiritual fruit,

while of some use on earth,

will be paramount in the Heavenly Third Stage.

While on earth there are many “things” we need to develop and practice so we are better able to use then in Heaven.


The final article in the series in called

“Who is your Spiritual Father”.

This re-emphasises the need to make the correct choice here on earth, to make sure one ends up in the correct place

after one’s so called death.


It is my prayer that all who read these articles are blessed as Lynette and I were before she passed on into the Third Stage.

This Story has been a great blessing to me.


Fancy, I was once in a dark womb but felt the love of loving parents and maybe looked forward to going to a home prepared for me.

Now I am in a place where I know there is a

Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit waiting for me!

There is a special place prepared for me.

Also there will be many family members and friends waiting.


This is nothing to fear but rather something to prepare for by developing all the aspects of spiritual growth I can.


Will you join me in this?