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Preparation for 3rd Stage

This is a follow-on story from the original “Three Stages of Life”.

In Stage One, in the Womb, there are Parts of the Physical body that are present but not fully developed. The Arms and Legs are obvious as some that are just seen as potential in the Womb and then fully developed after the Physical Birth.


It is the same while we are in the Second stage.

Before we take the voluntary steps that lead to our Spiritual Birth, we do have some potential that will only be developed further after our Spiritual Birth.

As an example we do have the ability to Pray and to read the Bible!


These are developed further as we grow spiritually.

Before our new Spiritual Birth these seem dry and boring, while after they become fruitful and exciting.


Also as we utilise these, we then become aware of other newly available abilities that need developing.


While we are looking at this development as a preparation for Stage Three, this whole development process also makes us better people while we are here on Earth. As we develop we become more like Jesus and are better able to fulfil the tasks He has for us here.


As we Pray we will notice the Holy Spirit talking to us and inviting us to trust Him further into a more mature spiritual walk. These are usually personal areas of change that lead us into Maturity.


Growth in this area is often seen as a development of our Character to become more like Jesus.

As we see answers to Prayer, we have an increase in Faith, but this is soon seen to need to be developed to show other characteristics that portray moral excellence.

Then as we grow in our knowledge of God we develop a greater degree of self-control.

This in turn leads to patient endurance and a devotional fear of God and

Love towards His Family and to all our fellow mankind.

These can be seen in 2 Peter 1:5-11.


As we read the Bible we also notice areas of out lives that require further development. These are to be seen in all our New Family and as they are developed will show more and more Family traits.

In fact if these are not seen one could doubt if one has fully made the correct decisions for the New Birth to take place!


As we read about these it will be more obvious.


Take for instance the “Fruit of the Spirit”.


As we allow the Spiritual New growth to develop in our lives these Fruit will become more obvious.

The first is a self-sacrificing Love, then an inner Joyfulness and a Peace as an inner quietness and trust in God.

Then Patience towards all types of irritants, Kind giving towards others in need and a Good attitude towards all evil resulting in a positive response.

A reliable trustworthy Faithfulness, a humble Gentleness instead of anger and Self-control over all types of human desires.


Also if we show no signs of these Spiritual Fruit, it shows we do not allow the new Spiritual life develop in our lives.


The Gifts of the Spirit or symbols of spiritual power that the Holy Spirit gives to us are only formed to a small degree during our Second Stage here on Earth. Some even doubt their usefulness. However I am sure these will be developed to a greater extent in Heaven.

They are the ability to give wise advice, have special extraordinary knowledge and an unusual measure of faith in the Holy Spirit’s power. A gift of healing to be used for others and an extraordinary power to perform miracles. Then the verbal gifts of the ability to give prophetic messages, the ability to discern between messages from the Holy Spirit and those that are not. Then there is the ability to speak in an unknown language and the ability to interpret what has been said.


All believers are given at least one gift to be used in the helping of others but the Greatest Gift is Love!

A Love that is willing to give sacrificially and to suffer, willing to show acts of charity and self-sacrifice.

A Love that is patient, bearing with certain annoyances or inconveniences without complaint.

A Love that is Kind is gentle and mild and always ready to show compassion.

A Love that is not Jealous working willingly with others who have differing gifts.

A Love that is not Boastful or Proud, not showing any superiority.

A Love that is not rude but polite, courteous.

A Love that does not demand its own way but looks out for others and seeks the best interests of others.

A Love that is not irritable, easily angered or touchy.

A Love that keeps no record of wrongs, making allowances for others differences and willingly forgets wrongs done to them.

A Love that is never glad about injustices but rejoices when the truth wins, never tainted by evil but seeking truth, desiring truth, protecting truth and proclaiming the truth.

A Love that never gives up but willingly protects others.

A Love that never loses faith and gives the benefit of doubt so people are free to be honest and open.

A Love that is always hopeful, knowing God is working at different levels in the lives of others.

 A Love that endures through every circumstance not stopped by hardship or pain.

A Love that lasts forever!


Not many will develop many of the above but I believe that many of these areas will be brought to their full development when we pass into our Third Stage of our Life in Heaven.