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Preparation for the Second Stage 

There is a great deal of preparation that can only be achieved in the First Stage, in the Womb, before a baby can move into the Second Stage of Life.


Michele Szekely states in


“In the very first stage, there is an amazing growth, it is absolutely phenomenal what happens during these 9 months. Our time in the womb is very vulnerable and requires lots of love, attention and caring and the biggest threat of all is when the mother forgoes her main responsibility to protect and nurture the baby within her body. The first stage is a preparation for the second one. “


Without the development in the First Stage we could never enter or develop further in the Second Stage.


In the womb development takes place in a regular order

At five weeks there are the beginnings of a brain with two lobes and its spinal cord is starting to form.

At six weeks the embryo has a head with simple eyes and ears and the heart has two chambers and has started beating.

At seven weeks, the limb buds have grown into arms and legs, nostrils can be seen and the heart four chambers.

At eight weeks, the eyes and ears are growing. Bones in the arms and legs are starting to harden, the elbows and knees become apparent and fingers and toes can be seen.

By 24 weeks the baby's organs are fully formed and hearing is possible and it will respond to noises.

Each area of the body develops, however the lungs are not fully developed till about 20 weeks after birth.


The baby needs the correct time in the Womb to allow time for all the body parts to complete their First Stage of growth.


If the time in the Womb is shortened, then there is danger that life will not be sustained in the Second.


Premature babies often need to be in artificial life support till they develop to a safe level. The most dangerous area is the lungs which are not ready for the life giving air.

While developing the baby, as Michele Szekely states, “.. requires lots of love, attention and caring..”


In our story, The ThreeStages of Life,the babies are aware that there is the Love and also a Place being prepared for them, these are required before the baby passes into the Second Stage.