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Life’s Real Purpose.

I have been thinking lately about the Real purpose of our lives on earth.

During the last few weeks before my late wife Lynette passed away we talking of two babies talking in their Mother’s womb and their subsequent journey through life.


Think how sad the second baby would have felt when it was left all alone!

What kind of questions would go through its mind?


Yes all those “why” questions we ask then a loved one passes from this earth into the next.


But we know, from our experience, that the babies had a “new” life out of the womb. We also know they had to spend a certain amount of time in the womb to develop to cope with life out of the womb. When babies are born too soon they have trouble after birth, so it is preferred that they be fully developed.


The babies in the story “Three Stages of Life”went on to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and where born into a new Spiritual Family. They then realised there was still life after a physical death.


Some questions now arise; what kind of development needs to take place on earth before we pass on into the next life, what are some reasons for those who seem to “die” at a young age and why do we place such an emphasis on life here on earth, however long or short it may be, when there is a Much Longer Life to come in Heaven?


Taking Lynette’s life as an example. Lynette was a Kindergarten Teacher. She really liked teaching children in their early years. Many parents have told me that they really appreciated Lynette teaching their children at Sunday School. She had a reputation of getting the ones saved and Baptised in the Holy Spirit before they left her class!

Over the later years of her life Lynette was not in a position to follow this passion.

I will not know, but using my very active imagination, what say when she arrived in Heaven, Our Heavenly Father said how pleased He was to see her as there were so many young people in Heaven that had never heard of Jesus and their need to give their lives to Him. So many had been aborted, so many had been murdered and many had never had the opportunity.

I think Lynette would be so thrilled to be asked to take on this task!


I believe Lynette had all the qualifications required; her life had developed all the skills for the real task of her eternal life! Her faith in her loving Heavenly Father was very strong, so much so that during the hardest times of chemotherapy, those who went to strengthen her were instead strengthened themselves!


How much development do we need before passing to the next?

What is the balance between tasks to do on earth and development for the future or they in fact the same?

We all have a calling that can only be achieved on earth and we all need to be obedient to that calling. Obedience learned on earth will be paramount in Heaven!

Praise and worship need to be practiced and raised to the highest level, but there will be more to life in Heaven then praise and worship!

These and many other questions are things we will not know here on earth and will vary for each individual.                                                         


The question I need to ask myself, and I suggest we all ask, is what development do I need to achieve to be able to fulfill my task in Heaven?

Am I being obedient to the Call our Heavenly Father has placed on out lives?

Are we fully utilizing the Gifts God has give us?

Are we jumping into all the opportunities He places before us?

In my case “no” but I do intend to do more!

Lynette had a passion for teaching young people. What passion has been placed in my/your heart?


I think the Real Purpose of our lives is the one that will last the longest, ie the one God has purposed for us in Heaven. But it is closely aligned with what He has Purposed for us here on earth.


Any failure on our part here will be forgiven and remedied in Heaven, but why go toe Heaven stunted by some failure here?

I know I need to do far more than I have done in the past. But at age 76yrs, I intend using all opportunities to make a very large catch-up for past failures!


Please take this opportunity to review your own lives and be determined to make any changes that may be needed.

We all have this One opportunity to be fully prepared!