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Development in the Second Stage of Life


Michele Szekely in the Article “Three Stages of Life” found in “Catholic Online dated 2/3/2009, “. . in stage number two, the world is our womb for eternal life.

However the world is a physical entity and to pass on to the Third Stage of Life we need to have a Spiritual Womb to develop in.

But first the new born baby has to fully develop before it can make its personal decision that decides where it will spends its Third Stage.


First let us think of the baby’s early days and years.

One of the first signs of life the mother recognises in her newborn baby is the Cry! The baby is breathing! The lungs are not yet fully developed but the cry shows the lungs are working. Breath comes in and out.

This is an important thought to remember for the future development and move into the Third Stage of Life.


All parts of the new baby then slowly develop and if there is normal growth, all will reach their full potential.

Some will achieve higher skills, but all parts of the body need full nourishment and exercise.

The saying is true, “use it or loose it”. Any portion that is not used will fail to full develop.

The caring love provided by the Parents and Family is also an important factor in the child’s development. Ongoing love, shelter and food are important throughout the development of this Second Stage. Those who do not have these will have their growth delayed and stunted.


As growth takes place it is important that there is no dangerous substances brought into the body that will delay and/or damage the body.


After a lengthy time it will be time to make some decisions about the Third Stage of Life. As the physical body will die there must be a spiritual input and seeding similar to the physical process that takes place in the start of the First Stage of Life.


This time the individual will have the choice as to the spiritual family they pass on to during the Third Stage of Life.

For those who want to go the Heaven as found in the Bible it is important they realise they need to allow first the Word of God and the truths found in it to grow in their lives and then seek to have the Father God enter their lives by asking Jesus to be their Saviour. Details of this can be found in the Bible and is called being “Born Again”

Then they can look forward to having a loving person waiting for them as the baby did at the first birth.

As the newborn baby went to a predetermined family so it will be when the physical body dies and the spiritual portion passes on to the Third Stage of Life.

Those who fail to make that decision will be default have some other spiritual entity develop in their lives and then when the physical body dies be accepted in to a different Third Stage of Life.


We are all given a free choice as to what we decide to do and to accept the consequences of those decisions.