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“Now is the time for New Zealand”.

 First written in 2014

While a student in Dunedin in 1961-2-3 I joined other students praying for revival.

In 1963 I heard fellow students talking about how they stayed up all night at parties so I thought if they could do that I could stay up all night praying.

I did this on the 13th of each month from then till after I got married. Working and spend all night praying once a month finally got too much and I had to stop.


During the early 1970’s my late wife and our two young boys went to camp meetings at El Rancho, Waikanae and the race ground at Palmerston North.


It was the year the New Zealand Prime Minister Norman Kirk died, at one of these, I was praying in our station wagon and reading Isaiah 6.

This chapter starts, “In the year king Uzziah died”, and goes on with Isaiah has a vision of being in the Holy of Holies and heard the seraphs worshipping and then he realised he was a sinner and lived in a land of sinners. This was in the time I was praying for a revival in NZ so I could relate to that. Then Isaiah was touched on the lips with hot coals and he heard the Lord say who will we send and he responded “here I am send me” then he was told it did not matter what he told the people they would not respond till there was just a remnant of 10%.

I believe God told me then would be a backsliding in NZ until there was just 10% of Christians and nothing anyone said people would not respond.

I asked God what would happen then and I believe He said the numbers would reverse and a revival would come and 90% would turn back to Him.


Norman Kirk died in 1974, which makes it 40 years!


Unfortunately I took the unresponsive attitude of people too literally and almost stopped praying, especially in public!

This got so bad that there were times when I could not pray. Even going to great Churches and two Bible Colleges did not stop my inability to pray aloud.

My late wife was greatly disturbed when that happened as I got her to pray instead.

This was a marked change from being one who prayed all night to one who hardly prayed at all.

Then slowly over a number of years I have been changing.

My wife passed away 4 years ago, but before she did I told her I would start praying again.


Then a few months ago I went to a Healing Rooms conference in Warkworth and the speaker from USA was talking and he said the words “Now is the time”.

He was not speaking about Revival but God was!

“Now is the Time” for the NZ to change.

Later I went to the Conference at Harbourside Church and Norm McLeod from Gisborne said there were fewer than 10% of committed Christians in NZ! I shared my thoughts with Wayne Hughes after the morning meeting.

In the evening I was with my eldest grandson age 17 yrs, at the meeting at the Victory Centre and we had to prophesy over each other. He said he saw me as a Panda crawling along a branch but God stopped the branch from breaking.

In the morning I had gone out on a branch by sharing my thoughts with Wayne Hughes. The first time I shared many years ago the person just laughed.


Since then I have gone out on a branch by going to various Prayer Conferences and sharing.

I started by going to a Prayer Conference at the Dream Centre Church on New North Road. 50-60 Maori and Polynesians and about 6 white people.


Then the Prayer and Fasting Conference. Meeting with 100 people from India, and just 6 white people, was a very inspiring time. You had heard of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophesy about a worldwide revival starting in NZ and were praying for revival in NZ.

5 weeks after that I was invited to your reunion. I came to listen to you praying. I said what an encouragement it was to me to be with you and you said it was an encouragement to you having me join with you.

I did nothing other than visit.

Things are changing for me and it is getting exciting. The Time is Now.


I have asked the Lord to teach me to pray.

When Jesus was asked by His Disciples to teach them it was before He died on the Cross, before He descended into hell and defeated sin and death and before He ascended victoriously to Heaven and became seated at the Father’s right hand.

What differences would those events make to The Lord’s Prayer?


“Dear Heavenly Father I Praise and Worship You as I come boldly into your Presence.

As I have confessed my sins You have proclaimed I am forgiven and totally cleansed from all unrighteousness.

I am free to be seated with Christ and accepted as Your Son and Heir.

Father here in Heaven Your Kingdom is established and Your Perfect Will is carried out. I confidently ask that Your Kingdom reign on earth and Your Perfect Will be established on earth.

Dear Father I thank You that since Jesus rose from the dead I have power over sin and death, have new relationships with those around me and find all my earthly needs are provided.

You have blessed me with so much more than I can fathom and I just cannot stop praising You and giving You all the Glory and Praise, Amen.”


Time frame:

It is 200 years since 1st Sermon delivered in NZ.

Norman McLeod tells of an earlier Christian relationship between Maori and European standing on a Rock in 1769.

In 1913 William Seymour at Azusa Street, prophesied that in about 100 years there would be a worldwide revival.

That is NOW!

About 30 years ago there was a Prophesy that there would be small fires all around New Zealand and that they would join together.

Also Revival would start in the North.


I am getting excited.

Healing Rooms, as set up originally by John G Lake, are starting all over New Zealand. People from many different Churches joining to pray for Healings. They are seeing people healed and saved.


There will be other groups such as your selves that are praying all around New Zealand.

The little fires are being lit.

I believe God wants me meet with these groups and share what the Holy Spirit is doing in the other groups.

I was told last time I was here that I was an encouragement by just being here.

So I do not need to be any one special, just share what God is doing.


A week or so I was asking our Lord how things were to start and I went to a Prayer Meeting of over 20 Men from many Churches around the Hibiscus Coast and two young men were there from the North Shore and they shared how God had called them to facilitate this time of Revival.


The Time has come.