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A Boy's Story

During the time when Jesus was on earth there was a young boy probably about 13 years old. We are not told so this is an assumption.

One day he came rushing back to his mother.


“Look Mum what they gave me”, he said excitedly as he staggered in with a large basket.

“Why are you so late? I told you to get home early. You know I worry when you take so long.”

Then she saw the large basket.

“Who gave you that? Why would someone give you that basket? What did you do wrong this time?”

“Jesus gave it to me.”

“You expect me to believe that Jesus would give you a large basket. Now tell me the truth. Where did you get it? I know you are always getting into something. What is in it?


“Bread and fish, leftovers from a miracle, Mum a real miracle.”

“Ok son, slow down. Start from the beginning. Tell me.


The mother remembered that this morning her son had wanted to see Jesus so she had quickly gathered up a few pieces of bread and a few fish, all she had in the house and bundled him out for the day. Anything to get away from all the questions he kept asking about this Jesus.

Now he comes back with a whole basket full of bread and fish! Enough to feed them for days.


“Tell me the truth, what really happened.”


“Well I found where Jesus was talking. There was a real big crowd, at least 5000 men, then ladies and children like me. He kept on talking till it got very late. People started getting hungry, so I went up to the disciples and said this was all I had, but might help.

The disciples laughed and took the bread and fish to Jesus. “This is all we have, just bread and fish.”


“Then it all happened, Jesus took the bread and fish, He blessed the food and gave them back to the disciples. Wow, you should have seen the looks on their faces as they kept on giving bread and fish to all the people. As they gave the food out it never seemed to stop. There was always bread and fish in their hands, yet they gave everyone bread and fish. Mum it was a miracle!”

“You expect me to believe my bread and fish fed thousands of people?”

“Yes Mum and there were 12 baskets of food left over.”

“What? All that from a few pieces of bread and fish”

“Yes Mum, that’s the truth. They gave me one basket to bring home.

They were going away in a boat so they could not take them with them.

It has been real heavy and it was a long way. But I got here as fast as I could.


Now. Would you believe that story?


We don’t know if the basket full of bread and fish kept on multiplying. But we do know Jesus fed a large crowd of 5000 men plus women and children.

We do know that as we give to Jesus and our offerings are blessed we end up with more than enough.